Titan Effect Creator Discusses RPG’s and Interactive Storytelling

Longtime friend and collaborator Christian Nommay discusses his work in RPG, interactive storytelling and the upcoming crossover between Titan Effect and Secret Story Network which takes place on the 22nd September 2020.

This is a very smart guy who gets to the bottom of why role-playing and interactive storytelling is such a powerful dimension to today’s popular culture.

Some of the questions he got asked:

  • What excites you about RPG’s?
  • What is the current state of RPG’s?
  • Tell us about how Titan Effect started…
  • How did crowdfunding work for the project?
  • What should people know about the universe of Titan Effect?
  • Tell us about Titan Effect and Secret Story Network…


Find out more about  Titan Effect on the Titan Effect website

Sign up for the Titan Effect SSN story on the Secret Story Network website


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