Theatre of the Working Class – Twitch for All

Bilal Zafar is an extremely funny comedian who in his previous work, drew from storms on Twitter and the perils of online dating.

I met him a few years ago on a transmedia project at the University of Bolton – Bolton Storyworld and he also worked alongside us on the Secret Story Network.

In a random and unrelated conversation during lockdown he mentioned that he was doing live shows on Twitch and was experiencing a wave of interest. I knew Twitch as being the place for gaming streams but Bilal creating a new kind of interactive storytelling – very much live and direct.

I had to see it.

From the moment I hit the stream it was obvious he was in his element, and the audience were 100% behind him.

So I arranged a call to find out more…


Check out the stream on Twitch here


And connect with Bilal here

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