The Quickest (and Cheapest) Way To Access Practical Transmedia Expertise

If transmedia expertise and audience engagement strategies are what you’re after – then look no further…

Here’s 140 pages containing over 33 highly effective techniques you can steal and implement to create successful interactive storytelling for new devices and platforms.

How to Connect with Modern Transmedia Audiences

I’m a proud author today! This is my book. It’s called: Set the Storyworld to Random.

You need to read this book if you have an interest in where new technology is taking storytelling.

The book is a collection of articles, posts and essays about producing and delivering interactive media (profitably) in the 21st century. It contains transmedia tips, audience engagement techniques, pop culture reviews and some left-field thinking.

“Savvy, on the money and a good read too.”

Philip Shotton, Film Director, Producer & Writer


I wanted to put down on paper a set of easy to read, simple to implement strategies, techniques and tricks.

This is 100% practical based – there are at least 33 highly effective techniques in this book to help you in raising money, writing, producing and delivering to an audience across new devices and platforms.

The book also contains the opportunity to get a free pitch critique from me to help you in raising finance for your next project. (I’ve helped raise over £1 million for digital interactive storytelling projects in the last few years.)

Buy Set the Storyworld to Random here for £9.99 or less



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