What Are The 3 Transformational Steps To Take From Traditional Media To Transmedia?

Are you a traditional media producer? Are you looking at opportunities on new devices and platforms? Do you know how to create business ready Transmedia IP from your Film, TV, Publishing or Games ideas?

If you do, stop reading this and get on with it. If not read on…

The Big 3

Having collaborated with many traditional media companies, successfully transforming their traditional media products into profitable Transmedia projects, we have defined three important steps that we always go through in development.

This may seem simple but there’s quite a lot going on in each step. This is many years practical experience distilled down into 3 simple headlines:

1 – Story

Of course you need a story. This is your area of expertise and you’re good at what you do. So we’re covered on this (I hope).

“Once upon a time…”

2 – Audience

When collaborating and working with an existing idea, we spend a lot of time looking into the different desires and habits of the proposed target audience. We ask these questions:

  • What are the unique story elements and characters?
  • What are the audience niches we can connect to?
  • Can we survey the audience and start early conversations in their particular language?

At this stage we are looking for aspects of the audience that have the potential to match up with the story.

(If we were developing a native Transmedia project we would be asking before anything else: “What kind of story has the potential to reach what kind of audience?” Then base the project on the answer to that question…)

3 – Storyworld

It might seem confusing to have Storyworld in these steps as well as Story.

But Storyworld development is an important step in the transformation from traditional media to Transmedia. It’s the expansion of whatever your story is as a linear format into a more modern world of narrative and interaction.

Developing the idea into a Storyworld opens up your Story creatively and creates business opportunities. Here’s a way to visualise a Story as a Storyworld:

Stories and Storyworlds

New Worlds Of Story Business

These 3 steps: Story – Audience – Storyworld keep our social campaigns, web serials, casual games, apps, events and UGC – all on track and coming from the same story DNA.

Other processes and outputs fall under these headings. Focusing on these will open up your traditional media ideas to:

  • Increased commissioning opportunities
  • Better audience attraction and chances to scale up massively
  • New distribution and business model opportunities

Hope you appreciate the BIG 3: Story, Audience and Storyworld.
We turned this post into a printable implementation guide you can download and keep – click on the image to get it:

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