Storyworld DevelopmentNow that you are (hopefully) back up to speed after the Xmas and New Year break I want to share a recap with links to the best and most useful Storyworld and Transmedia blog articles from our blog last year.

3 Transmedia Tips From An 8 Year Old Girl
Trends, Agility and Simplicity – makes sense doesn’t it?

How Film and TV Producers Can Expand Their Audience By Knowing Audience Behaviours
Now, that remote control in your hand, is a phone – and it controls more than your TV. In fact it’s a TV as well…

Storyworld Countdown – Top 5
Is your favourite in the top 5? Comment and let us know!

The Focal Point in Writing for Transmedia
A scriptwriting trick reversioned for interactive and transmedia.

3 Tips for Writing Engaging Transmedia Stories
Look Beyond the Linear. Use Game Design Methods and Map Out The Story Delivery Schedule. Find out how here.

Storyworld – How A Story Grows
Expansion and Story DNA…


Also – we published an all new 20 page report about how media producers can use new modern audience behaviour to their distinct advantage. If you haven’t got your copy you can click here to get it or click here to find out more…

The Audience Is Revolting

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