Storyworld DevelopmentNow that you are (hopefully) back up to speed after the Xmas and New Year break I want to share a recap with links to the best and most useful Storyworld and Transmedia blog articles from our blog last year.

3 Transmedia Tips From An 8 Year Old Girl
Trends, Agility and Simplicity – makes sense doesn’t it?

How Film and TV Producers Can Expand Their Audience By Knowing Audience Behaviours
Now, that remote control in your hand, is a phone – and it controls more than your TV. In fact it’s a TV as well…

Storyworld Countdown – Top 5
Is your favourite in the top 5? Comment and let us know!

The Focal Point in Writing for Transmedia
A scriptwriting trick reversioned for interactive and transmedia.

3 Tips for Writing Engaging Transmedia Stories
Look Beyond the Linear. Use Game Design Methods and Map Out The Story Delivery Schedule. Find out how here.

Storyworld – How A Story Grows
Expansion and Story DNA…


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