Transmedia Landscape 2013

As one year ends and another begins the transmedia landscape continues to age and mature.

2013 will be another year of creative thinking in the new narrative places and spaces that now exist in the transmedia landscape. It will be another year of pioneering, of risk-taking, of success and failure and of exciting innovation.

Foggy Waters

I have noticed that as each year passes the transmedia landscape becomes more formed, more focused, and less like foggy, uncharted waters. It is becoming more familiar to people as awareness of all things transmedia spreads to traditional media-makers and its system of gatekeepers and controllers.

Transmedia is no longer a ‘buzzword’ or a label for a niche area cluttered with new technology that becomes more important than the storytelling. Transmedia storytelling uses the technology to tell stories, just like previous technologies have been used in the past – the printing press led to the novel and the moving image camera led to cinema.


The more people who understand the importance of transmedia storytelling, the less people will shy away from it. Fear of the unknown breeds suspicion and people become wary of transmedia experts and see them as charlatans offering magic potions and ‘quick-fix solutions to problems’. But this is changing as we spread the word and penetrate media establishments and continue to create intriguing transmedia storytelling projects based on solid storytelling principles that audiences want to experience.

If the STORY is good enough, the people will come to it however it is delivered.

Richard Davis
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