We are working on an R&D storyworld project with Bolton University so last week we ran a workshop with Anna Zaluczkowska in the Arts and Media Department. Here are some of my ideas on the purpose of storyworld I put forward to the group;

Creating a storyworld gives us a place where stories can exist – it places a context or environment around them.  The storyworld is the foundation or bedrock for the entire project, be it a game, a film, a TV series or a combincation of media. It is the setting, or environment, or world the stories grow from in an almost organic way.

World Of Story

Multiple stories can exist within a storyworld and these can work independently of one another or they can link to each other via the appearance of the same characters and locations. The stories may also be set in any position along the storyworld’s timeline to enable past, present and future stories to be created.

[note color=”#ffffd6″]All delivered content has to be able to sit in a place within the storyworld – delivered content for transmedia includes; web, mobile, TV, film, radio, books, comics, live events – these will consist of audio, video, graphics, games, social media, user interface design and merchandise.[/note]

In summary, the storyworld exists to house the various multi-platfom stories that are being told. It lays out the rules, context, parameters, tone, themes and logic for the stories. It is the wine glass that holds the wine.

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