audience behaviour

How to Give Your Audience Control and NOT Regret it

Did you hear about the Secret Story Network? It’s an R&D project we have been developing on the QT at Bellyfeel. What is the Secret Story Network? It’s a series of live interactive stories delivered in chat apps to audiences who collaborate on telling the story together as an immersive storygame experience. The stories are...
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How to Connect with Modern Transmedia Audiences

The Quickest (and Cheapest) Way To Access Practical Transmedia Expertise

If transmedia expertise and audience engagement strategies are what you’re after – then look no further… Here’s 140 pages containing over 33 highly effective techniques you can steal and implement to create successful interactive storytelling for new devices and platforms. I’m a proud author today! This is my book. It’s called: Set the Storyworld to Random. You need...
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I picked up my phone 91 times today

What Are You Missing Out On Right Now?

‘Smartphone users pick up their phones 100 times per day’. (e-Marketer, 2014) At first I laughed at this statistic, surely even in todays tech obsessed culture, there is no way a person would be that attached to their phone. I marked these findings as interesting and quickly moved on to other things. Ten minutes later...
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Differences Between Linear and Interactive Documentaries

An interesting subject for discourse (if you like that sort of thing!) We’re not that inclined towards academia here at Bellyfeel but we know a good conversation when we see it..! This article is a couple of years old but worth a read: http://i-docs.org/2011/12/12/differences-between-linear-and-interactive-documentaries-featuring-the-interactive-documentary-i/  
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Kids Media Study 2013

Check out Zero to Eight from Commonsense Media. I’ve been reading this every year. It’s chock full of useful data and insight – just like our site! Download here: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/research/zero-to-eight-childrens-media-use-in-america-2013
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Paula Zuccotti

Paula Zuccotti on Consumption Culture – Power To The Pixel

The founding director of the Overworld Paula Zuccotti gives a great talk at PTTP 2013. She is not someone I have come across before but I like her approach and the Overworld sounds like an operation to keep an eye on. Listen and learn folks…    
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Know Your Rights

How Film And TV Producers Can Expand Their Business By Knowing Modern Audience Behaviour

Joe Strummer sang, “Know Your Rights” Stanislavski wrote, “Know Your Characters” Today I say, “Know Your Audience”   Know You’re a Punter You might be a high ranking media mogul, top tv talent, fully fledged film wiz or masterful games guru – but if you’re not a punter in your own heart, how can you...
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