Richard Davis

Try Living In Your Storyworld

Over various posts I have talked about some of the many techniques I use to build a Storyworld around an existing linear story product such as a film or a TV series.  This post looks at exploring a Storyworld in order to generate more content that is not necessarily purely about the main story. Once...
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50 Billion Apps Downloaded

It’s a pretty impressive stat – since July 2008 users have downloaded 50 billion apps from the Apple iStore.  The download rate is currently 800 apps a second! Click here for more.
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‘Defiance’ – First TV To Game Character Crossover

It really is happening – a character from a TV series enters an online, multi-player game world and has an immediate impact on gameplay and story. Yes, I’m talking about SyFy’s transmedia production, ‘Defiance’.  Again. Read more here.
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How Storyworlds Expand Story Brands

In this post I will look at how traditional TV and film makers are using Storyworld techniques to expand existing story brands into new market areas; whether they are aware of what they are doing stems from Storyworld theory is another matter. The main Storyworld Development Technique they use is to extend the character’s life...
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Wake Up And Smell The Change!

Every now and then we all have to just let it out – frustration, irritation, confusion and plain old anger – let it out in a blast of good old freestyle ranting. So here goes… Establishments have a history of being resistant to change, maybe even afraid of it. It is because change poses a...
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Lost In Skyrim’s Storyworld

As I’ve stated before, I am a long way away from being a hardcore gamer. I take breaks and lulls in my Xboxing as I have work, and a life to get on with. After eight months of playing ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’, including short periods of no play, I have to say I...
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‘Defiance’ Delivers Decent Stats

SyFy’s big budget transmedia experiment ‘Defiance’ delivered pretty good stats across TV and online after its first week of airing. I thought the pilot was okay but not in the same league as ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Battlestar Galactica’ two shows often mentioned in the same breath as ‘Defiance’. Click here for the stats so...
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‘The Following’ Creates Transmedia Dimension

Interesting transmedia story content has been created for Fox TV series, ‘The Following’. At Bellyfeel we can’t stress enough how storytelling is the key to creating engaging content and it’s very heartening to read Fox hired a writer rather than a marketing pro to script the transmedia elements. Storytelling and storyworld are both vital to...
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