Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s start this week with some Game of Thrones character death theories – MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead… but for those who have seen season 5… fill your boots.

Check out this podcast with Elan Lee and Shane Small – creators of the card game Exploding Kittens as they talk about their game and it’s incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign.Exploding Kittens

This… I find fascinating. Is your child (or one that you know) sacrificing video games for chess?

Factical time – and this week let’s congratulate ourselves for a change. We Brits are one of the most connected countries in the world (according to Google). Is that a good thing?

Let’s face it – it was only a matter of time before this happened… not for the easily offended… proceed with caution… Virtual Reality porn is here.

This is a great read – it’s been too long since I’ve seen something comprehensive and valid when it comes to the future of TV!

Factical Set #2 and it’s official – mobile now accounts for more time spent online than desktop!

Time-Humper-Chronicles-5Calling all Orange Is The New Black fans – have you ever wondered what “Time Hump Chronicles” would look like as a feature film?

It’s more important then ever for brands and companies to tell good stories to gain an audience – but how easy is that in an age of digital media?

This woman is brilliant! Check out Amber Galloway Gallego’ s story and how she became the sign language interpreter of rap music!

How do you use SnapChat? This article dives into the world of SnapChat Comedy (and how it works).

For the final set of Facticals this week – despite TV losing attention year over year – it is still the primary source of video viewing for Millennials the UK.

As far as marketing goes – this is actually pretty smart (and kinda shameless) check out why Hollywood and Tinder go hand in hand.

I think anyone who has seen Iron Man, has looked at his tech with envy and wished that it existed – well now it might!! And who better to make it a reality then John UnderKoffler?

Oh God, I hope they do a worldwide tour – the Marvel Experience looks incredible!

Marvel Experince

Is our history doomed? Who is to decide what is worth keeping and what isn’t in an age of digital storage? Does anything even mean anything anymore?

Finally let’s finish with something totally random – do you know how much cocaine is found in London’s sewers?


“A library is thought in cold storage” – Herbert Samuel



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