A Glimpse Into The Future and Ten Thousand Films In One

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupOpening up on something crazy… Here’s what the kids of Silicon Valley see as the future of technology.

How can you tell if a media company’s future is doomed? This article by theguardian.com examines the importance of risky, ambitious investments.

Words of wisdom by Taahir Hoorzook, Al Jazeera’s manager of digital distribution, who urges broadcasters to start thinking of themselves as content producers for different formats.

Time to take a break at watch a video (or ten thousand)… This is insane.

This is a wicked article by Polygon.com; which tells the fascinating tale of game developers Blizzard Entertainment.

While we’re on the topic of stories, here’s the story of the Internets hardest riddle, Notpron. Only 1 in 550,000 have completed it…

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to expect in the future of media, it doesn’t have to stop you preparing for it.

Time to get psychological, more and more people are sharing but the desire for privacy higher then ever, can the two co-exist?

Sam Simon… the man is an inspiration. This is a great read (he saves Bear Cubs)

Time to take a step from the future and back into the present, as Power To The Pixel, hosts A Report From the Front Lines of Media Impact Evaluation.

I would very much like to see these results. What can we learn about social interaction from every tweet ever uploaded?

This is a nice article on interactive fiction by Nathan Penlington; check it out.

Ever wondered what a Millennial’s perspective of Transmedia is?

And what of the future of video gamer culture? At least that has a happy ending right?

Finally lets end on some research, TiVo have revealed a huge increase in TV multi-tasking. Some good data here.


“There is nothing like a dream to create the future” – Victor Hugo



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