Our good friends I Am Kloot have just released their finest LP to date.

Such was the flurry of activity that their clamouring fans crashed our web server where the band’s website is hosted – so if you experienced some brief outage on our site earlier in the week you can blame I Am Kloot!

It’s an excellent record though and I urge you to go out and buy it!

Here’s IAK’s Pete Jobson:

Our new album “Let It All In” was released on Monday 21st. I have been informed by the powers that be that our midweek chart position is No.5. If you are planning on getting the album we would be most grateful if you were to scream into action this week. I would be very proud to tell Johnny and Andy’s grandchildren that we had an album in the top 10 once upon a time. Everyone i find tries to be very cool about chart places but you will find that on the week of release of their record that’s all the buggers go on about. I am glad to say that i am no different. If you go to our website www.iamkloot.com you will be guided to where the best offers can be found. You can buy an album for the price of a cool drink these days which is what i will be buying you when i next see you. We are in all seriousness very proud of the album we have made and believe it is our finest work to date. Hope you like it **

Yours Sincerely


You can get yours here at the I Am Kloot website

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