Several years ago I wrote a screenplay entitled LEATHERMILL, a linear 90 page experience with a carefully designed structure.

When Russell England, the director who wants to make the movie, won the chance to make a short film using Arri’s new Alexa camera, he suggested we make a short film based on the screenplay.

It was at this point I decided to apply storyworld-thinking; LEATHERMILL is the name of a fictional lawless village in the north of England and events in the movie happen over two days. To find an idea for the short film I created a basic timeline for the village, plotting its history and events prior to the ones that happen in the screenplay. I expanded the story beyond its original 90 pages and it wasn’t long before I had an event that would make a short film.

I took my idea to Russ and within a day we had the first draft of our short film, WELCOME TO LEATHERMILL.

Please check out the trailer;

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