In Data We Find… Truth

Here is some recent data from our research:


Android app users are likely to be influenced by the use of emojis in push notifications (135% higher open rate), and Apple’s users showed a 50% higher open rate for notifications that included emojis. Leanplum, 2017


Retail orders in the UK rose by 11.3% in January, 2017. A third (32%) of all orders were bound for consumers overseas, of which 59% were in the European Union. IMRG, 2017


This year, 8 million Snapchat users will be over the age of 45, accounting for just over 11% of the total U.S. user base. eMarketer, 2017


The proportion of the country’s population using the internet will swell to 82.0% this year, as majorities of UK residents engage in an expanding list of digital activities. eMarketer, 2017


Digital gaming penetration, which includes mobile, social and online console gaming, will reach 48.6% of the country’s internet users in 2017, equating to 26.4 million people. eMarketer, 2017


60% of respondents had also watched TV on demand via a catch-up service, like BBC iPlayer. Group M, 2017


More than half of Millennials (60%) have already used chatbots, and of those who haven’t, 53% say they are interested in chat bot use. Retale, 2017


In 2013 only 18% of Americans said social influenced their viewing habits, but in 2015 28% said social influenced their viewing. Digital Smiths, 2016


Snapchat users now watch 10 billion videos per day, up from 8 billion in February and 6 billion in November 2015. Bloomberg 2016


A survey of 1,000 adults found that 69% between the ages of 18 and 60 were excited about experiencing virtual reality. Advanced Imaging Society 2016


The US now boasts 41 million gamers over the age of 50. Three-quarters of these older players play games weekly, and 40% play daily. Even among those gamers over the age of 60, 43% play video games every day. Gfk 2016


67% of young adults switch devices in the course of viewing video content, compared to 46% of total adults. Adobe Digital Index 2016


48% Teens, 44% Millennials reach for their phones as soon as they turn off the alarm clock. Adestra 2016


Forecasts indicate that mobile gaming will account for 37% ($36.9billion) of the global games market’s estimated $99.6 billion in revenues this year. The 21% growth this year has been driven, in part, by in-app purchases and ads. Newzoo 2016


60 billion messages a day are sent and received on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, combined they now account for more messaging than takes place on SMS (20 billion). Facebook 2016


In 2017, 75% of Internet use will be mobile, up slightly from this year. Zenith, 2016


27% of internet users said that mobile phones were their primary gaming devices, followed by desktop and laptop PCs (18%). Just 12% said they primarily gamed on traditional consoles, and about three in 10 said they did not play video games. Sequence, 2016