In Data We Find… Truth (and inspiration)

Feed yourself on some data from our recent research:


51 operators will have launched 5G services in at least part of their territory by the end of 2020.

Deloitte Global. 2019


We forecast that $77.03 billion will be spent on in-app advertising in the US this year, up 25.1% over 2018.

eMarketer 2019


For each hour that a US adult spent on Facebook on mobile last year, advertising revenue was $0.73—about 35% more than the prior year.

eMarketer 2019


We estimate that 94.2% of millennials will be smartphone users this year. Penetration is far lower for tablets (56.4%), smart speakers (37.3%) and wearables (35.0%)—partly an indication of how much mileage millennials get out of their phones.

eMarketer 2019


70% of calls from consumers’ contacts lists are answered and roughly half (53%) of calls from recognized businesses are answered. But, only about 24% of unidentified calls are answered – meaning that about 3 in 4 unidentified mobile calls go unanswered.

Hiya 2019


28% of US agency professionals cite playable ads as the most effective in-app ad format, followed by 23% who listed interactive ads.

Fyber, 2018


By 2022, there will be 32.7 million total smart glasses shipments, a significant increase from the 223,000 in 2017.

ABI Research, 2018


Last year, Instagram’s worldwide monthly user base increased nearly 20%, to 713.9 million users. It is predicted that the number of users will continue growing, reaching 989.1 million by 2022.

eMarketer, 2018


Revenues from mobile gaming apps will grow 12% by the end of 2019, according to estimates. By the end of 2020, gaming apps will generate $94.0 billion —a significant figure compared with non-gaming apps: $29.7 billion.

eMarketer, 2018


41% of US AR and VR professionals said that bulky hardware and technical glitches were one of the main reasons VR hasn’t reached mass adoption, and almost as many (39%) said the same for AR.

Perkins Coie 2018


89% of US internet users said they use their smartphone to control many of their home products and services. That’s up 19% from 2015.

GfK 2018


Stories creation and consumption is up 842% since early 2016. Nearly a billion accounts across Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger now create and watch these vertical, ephemeral slideshows.

Block Party 2018


The global Augmented Reality market will be worth more than $165 billion in 2024. 58.8 million people in the US will use AR by 2019. That’s 17.7% of the population.

eMarketer 2018


Just over half of Millennials go to retailer websites to get product information, while just over half of Gen Zers look to social media to find product information.

ViSenze 2018


26% of Facebook users ages 18 and older said they had deleted the app off their phone in the past 12 months, and 42% had taken a break of several weeks or more. In addition, 54% adjusted their privacy settings.

Pew Research Center 2018


By the end of 2018, there will be 51.2 million AR users in the US, compared with just 36.7 million VR users.

eMarketer 2018


In analysis of 8 billion app installs worldwide it was found that on average, apps get deleted 5.8 days after they’re last used. Entertainment apps get uninstalled the quickest and, on average, lasted less than one day after last usage before they were removed.

Adjust 2018