Transmedia – Expansive Interactive Stories Across Multiple Platforms

You may have encountered the never ending debate about Transmedia that includes the questions:

  • “What is Transmedia?”
  • “What does Transmedia mean?”
  • “Is Transmedia the right word for this?”

The answers to these questions are UNIMPORTANT.

Transmedia is storytelling as it moves onto new technology.

But if you need a specific definition here’s one to take seriously…

Transmedia is interactive stories delivered across multiple platforms in a way that is expansive rather than repetitive.

And remember…

“if it ain’t got a Storyworld, then it’s probably not Transmedia!”

At Bellyfeel we have been helping clients create Transmedia and Storyworld experiences for the last 6 years.

In that time, interest in Transmedia has grown massively, matching the changes in audience behaviours.

Watch the video above and discover how we approach this kind of work.