Do You Want to Take Advantage of New Technology Developments Instead of Fearing the Worst?

The skills that will allow you to move forwards into the future of media and storytelling can be learned and are available in different packages to suit your needs.

Learning how to think differently about media will transform your potential and open up your projects to many more opportunities in distribution and monetisation – in other words… you will be future proofing your career and work.

You can learn these skills through:

  • Training courses
  • Workshops
  • E-Learning courses

All our training formats deliver on 3 key aspects of modern media business.

These aspects are:

  • Current State of the Industry – Up to date intelligence, data and R&D results will reveal current opportunities in your sector and other converging industries
  • Mindset Switch – This is a way for you to take ownership of new opportunities – Krish and the team will enable you to view new technology and future developments as part of your own business plan
  • Storyworld Development – These are techniques that will allow you to create profitable extra content and increase business on new devices and platforms around your existing IP and commissions

If you are interested in finding out more about  courses and resources that are available – please send an email to and tell her what areas you are interested in.


Our partner in training is Christine Pyke:

For info on our recent (sold out) Skillset funded Social TV course – click here


Helena Bulaja MadunićProgram director - platform art director - producer

According to the main exploration point, how to merge storytelling mechanics with artistic production and on‐site collecting of video, photography, illustration and sound, your suggestions and guidance in story development was tremendous. As a very opposite way of thinking, towards majority of participants who are mainly visual artists, regarding coherent story line development through our visual materials, you gave us a new perspective on how to merge dynamics of linear story and hyper textual visual metaphors and materials. Through 5 days of brainstorming and analyzing collected materials, you truly helped us to recognize and focus on a main storyline topic, that will enable us to create, not only strong visual interpretation of the place, but as well as coherent story world, as a base for future cross media storytelling development platform. Also your impute and lectures about latest trends in cross media publishing and production, was of a great help for participants, as a preparation point for our collaborative work.