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Storyworld and Transmedia Article Roundup 2013

Now that you are (hopefully) back up to speed after the Xmas and New Year break I want to share a recap with links to the best and most useful Storyworld and Transmedia blog articles from our blog last year. 3 Transmedia Tips From An 8 Year Old Girl Trends, Agility and Simplicity – makes...
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3 Tips For Writing Engaging Transmedia Stories

This post delves briefly into the nitty-gritty of writing transmedia stories that use a ‘tent-pole’ narrative like a film or a book as their Main Linear Story (MLS) around which the transmedia elements are weaved. The following tips are based on my own practical experiences of writing for interactive media and transmedia over a 15...
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More Thoughts On Writing For Transmedia

This post continues my thoughts on transmedia writing and storytelling. Just as screenwriters of horror films write specific visual sequences and actions whose sole purpose is to make a cinema audience scream as one in a shared shock, so transmedia writers need to consider ways of triggering similar reactions in individual viewers watching their story...
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