The Biggest Media Platform?

Are you involved in putting TV programmes onto the screen? It doesn’t matter which screen by the way…   Just so long as that part of the deal is done. (If not there’s another post about pitching which I’m writing). Your opportunity, should you choose to accept it… Is to take the platform you have...
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Social TV

What I Learned About Social TV In 2014

Social TV is the HIVE MIND. It’s completely ALIEN to most broadcast media producers. And everybody has a different idea about what it is. Everybody Wants It But Nobody Understands It Here’s my definition of Social TV – I’m going to keep it simple… “Social TV is the place where Television and Social Media meet....
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Taking a Social TV chainsaw to #Sharknado2

As I sit here looking out of the window next to my desk; staring out at the, grey, wet, summer storm that rages outside, watching the endless streams of water rushing into the gutters, and people running to their cars I find myself constantly thinking one thought: “How fucking AWESOME would it be if a...
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Are We Being Watched?

I’m Gonna Make You STREAM (Event TV – Part Five)

It’s the age-old tale of friendship and betrayal, partnerships and rivalries, business and greed… In the wake of the VCR craze, more and more people were deciding to rent and buy their favourite films and TV shows; even more so with the arrival of an enhanced way of watching… introducing, the DVD. Never underestimate how...
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Event TV

Event TV – “Wait, Rewind that…” (Part Two)

Onwards with our epic tale… Yes sir, the very process of watching the TV was an event in itself and I’ve never been so popular, however, every story needs a villain. Despite the immense popularity of the television, humanity wasn’t always content with regular scheduled broadcasting, and I soon found myself faced with a new...
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Games Consoles Entertainment Stations

A Finger In The Wind For Home Entertainment

Dr William Cooper at informitv gives you a look at the new range of games consoles in the lead up to Xmas. From a perspective of TV vs Console vs Mobile there is a lot of good info to take onboard. Read it here: http://informitv.com/news/2013/11/18/newgamesconsoles/
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Soap Opera

Admen Bugaboo, Soap Opera and New Merde (ia – ‘scuse my French)

Attention Time Travellers! Can you rewind back to just under 70 years ago..? FffffTtttHhhh <<< (sounds like a rewind to me) Happy times in the post-war American Dream… TV drama is invented by ad agencies to sell washing powder. This is the birth of the Soap Opera. THE ADMAN COMETH Actually, I can’t be sure that...
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Get That TV Off My Phone!

Small Screen and TV is a Big Complex Relationship

Mobile and handheld devices continue to disrupt our lives in good and bad ways. Personally I cannot watch something on TV and mess about on my smartphone at the same time as I lose track of both things. I like to focus on my TV diet – I choose carefully what I want to watch...
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