Taking a Social TV chainsaw to #Sharknado2

As I sit here looking out of the window next to my desk; staring out at the, grey, wet, summer storm that rages outside, watching the endless streams of water rushing into the gutters, and people running to their cars I find myself constantly thinking one thought: “How fucking AWESOME would it be if a...
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Event TV – Gather Round Children, It’s Time For A Tale Of Television Past (Part One)

This is the story of Event TV, the rise, the fall, and the future. The black, the white and the technicolour. Who am I? My model is irrelevant; we are all circuits and electricity on the inside. Yes… this is my tale… it started in the 40’s and oh boy what a decade. Prologue –...
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Social TV Hashtag FAIL

3 Simple Mistakes that Kill Social TV Promotions with a Single ‘#’ Hashtag

…And how to avoid them. It’s a fact that nearly everyone knows what a ‘#hashtag’ is, and that nearly everyone uses one. But… not everyone knows how to use them correctly – especially when it comes to promoting a TV programme or running a social media campaign. 3 Common Social TV Hashtag Mistakes 1) Not having one...
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The Almighty Hashtag

The Almighty ‘#’

Time to dive deeper into the world of Social TV, this time looking at the most recognised symbol in Social Networking history… The Hashtag. Definitions Anyone? There have been many attempts to describe the Hashtag. Some describe it as the glue that holds an online conversation together; others refer to it as an ‘online water...
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An Introduction to Social TV and Social Media Brand Expansion

This is massive but you have to start somewhere right? Social media and television integration is such a huge area that broadcasters are, in many ways, still discovering new and innovative ways to spread TV content across various sources of social media. With such an ‘each to their own’ approach to ‘Social TV’ (the closest...
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