Ballard and Abba… at last

Do you like Abba? We all have a special place in our hearts for at least one Abba song. Even if once upon a time they were the devil’s music. I was listening to their greatest hits CD a few years ago and it occurred to me that their music reminded me of JG Ballard’s...
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Google Les Paul

7 Innovative User Experiences from the Modern Music Biz

After you’ve read this post you’ll know that it’s not all doom and gloom for the music industry. How do I know? Because I’ve seen what panic in the face of online piracy can create… and it’s awesome! Something For the Soul Like any medium, music often carries a story within its lyrics, including characters, locations...
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Bellyfeel Weekly Roundup

The Future Of TV Apps, TV Social Experiments and the Current State of the Music Industry

Great news for TV producers as Twitter argues that TV related tweets have resulted in increased viewership and searches for specific programmes. In a similar story, USA network saw an increase in viewership and viewer engagement with their social campaign for the Psych season finale, centered around the Hashtag #SadGus. And apparently the same goes...
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Nick Kent, Brian Wilson and a plastic Les Paul

Try as I might I can’t resist reading biographies of musicians. I read a crazy biog of Hank Williams by a sports hack once – that was a wild read! I will read about any musician someone was bothered enough about to think was worth the ink for a book, or happily consume those slim...
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