Our Friends In The Prolific North

Here is an interesting article about multiplatform and TV production companies from last week’s Prolific North who cover news from creative and media companies in the north of England. This guy really knows what he’s talking about!  To check it out, click here.
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If Alfred Hitchcock Were Alive Today He Would Be An Internet Marketeer

I am not a Hitchcock obsessive by any stretch. My filmmakers fan obsession is reserved purely for Stanley K. But I do love Hitchcock’s films. PSYCHOLOGY Hitchcock’s films to me are 100% psychological. He is known as the master of ‘pure cinema’ and that reputation comes from his simplicity, his knowledge of the medium and...
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2012 – A Year in Transmedia and Multiplatform by Simon Staffans

A great slideshow by Simon under the title “Now Media“. It’s a compilation of his blog and interviews over the last year. I met Simon at the Pixel Lab back in 2010 and he keeps a keen eye on the industry, projects and players so enjoy his take on 2012 – including: Television and Now...
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The Five Space Strategy

Recently at Bellyfeel we have been writing up several interactive content proposals for the BBC in accordance with their 4 Screen Strategy: Online, Tablet, Mobile Phone, TV/IPTV. We agree with their approach and understand where they are coming from, but we have also thought long and hard about the importance of a fifth area…  ...
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