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Share This Post and Reach Platinum Status On ‘Handles’

I’m not known for writing ‘proper reviews’… So instead, I just wanted to quickly share an experience I had yesterday at the University of Salford Creative Entrepreneur Event. It’s a social media play called ‘Handles’ (#HandlesMcr) and it’s pretty damn cool. ** Yes, some minor spoilers here, but nothing worth worrying about** Pink Status Handles,...
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3 Transmedia Tips From The Most Addictive Mobile Game Ever

Spring…Field? For anyone who is still unaware of the game (if that’s even possible) The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO) is a mobile application game available on iOS and Android devices that requires you to re-build the town of Springfield after Homer destroys it. You take control of multiple characters from the TV show and in...
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Interactive: Snow Fall, The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

You’ll know if you’ve read my ramblings that I like a good interactive single screen experience as much as any sprawling Transmedia social epic. I don’t know how I missed this one previously – it’s from 2012. It’s a nice rendering of a text based story, not Transmedia as we know it. Have a look...
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David Cage’s “Beyond: Two Souls” 2000 pages of script

I’m a firm believer that David Cage is some kind of genius, so I can’t imagine Beyond: Two Souls is going to be anything less than amazing. The game is released in North America on October 8th 2013 but I can’t find a UK date yet. Here’s an article about the 10 hours of gameplay,...
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