Henry Jenkins

T Is For Transmedia – Report

Interesting article by Henry Jenkins highlighting classic kids TV show, ‘Sesame Street’ as a transmedia experience way back in 1971 before transmedia officially existed. The report at the end of his post looks at transmedia as a learning and play tool for 5-11 year olds.  And we all know the 5-11 year olds of today...
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Henry Jenkins on Transmedia Producers and Comics

It’s always good to hear other people talking about the absolute importance of storytelling and characters in the transmedia world. Henry Jenkins talks to Tyler Weaver about the longevity of comics and transmedia storytelling. Click here for more.
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How To Transmedia 101

NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING – it’s true – check out the download and engage with your future!    How To Transmedia – 101 – Bellyfeel (1mb PDF)  
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Article on Bellyfeel and Transmedia

Last year Anna Zaluczkowska spent some time with us while we were working on The Alexander Wilson Project to research storyworld and transmedia practice. She wrote an interesting academic piece on how storytelling is evolving through new methods of authoring and distribution and it was published in the Journal of Screenwriting. You can buy the...
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Spreadable Media

Henry Jenkins on top form again. I particularly like what he says about moving away from the ‘infection’ and ‘contamination’ metaphor of viral media. Spreadable Media is much more about the audience and their ability to spread content they like and enjoy rather than receiving and carrying viral media.
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