Can You Believe in Interactive Stories?

There is no such thing as interactive stories. “Then, why have you been banging on about them for the last few years?” I hear you ask. Let me try and explain on this Linked In post I published last week. I published a post about this on my Linked In page last week. Read it...
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The Storyworld Dice

Uncover The Nerdiest Storyworld Training… EVER

Dungeons and Dragons… aka D&D. The game often associated with geeks, nerds, foam swords, cloaks and basements. But move past the stigma and what is D&D at its core? It’s an interactive story in a “Role-Playing Game” setting. You Roll a “History” Check… 15 Now despite everyone knowing what D&D is and just not admitting...
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Human Soup Game

The Ultimate Engagement Tool for Transmedia Stories

You probably know this already… Getting your audience to connect and stay with your story when there is competition from every angle is a big problem. Your Audience Is Distracted Games are a great way to get people engaged with your story. Incorporating a game into your Transmedia is a good idea but game development...
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3 Transmedia Tips From The Most Addictive Mobile Game Ever

Spring…Field? For anyone who is still unaware of the game (if that’s even possible) The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO) is a mobile application game available on iOS and Android devices that requires you to re-build the town of Springfield after Homer destroys it. You take control of multiple characters from the TV show and in...
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Repent! The End of Video Games as We Know it Has Arrived!

But rejoice! It comes in the form of a 10 ton, mechanical war machine… So, Titanfall is only two days away from being released on Xbox One and PC, and we at Bellyfeel couldn’t be more excited! But it’s not just the awesome action, insane graphics and amount of awards that has us excited, it’s...
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Games Consoles Entertainment Stations

A Finger In The Wind For Home Entertainment

Dr William Cooper at informitv gives you a look at the new range of games consoles in the lead up to Xmas. From a perspective of TV vs Console vs Mobile there is a lot of good info to take onboard. Read it here: http://informitv.com/news/2013/11/18/newgamesconsoles/
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Portal 2 for Teachers

This approach makes heaps of sense – using games in the classroom to engage kids with the subject. A great game like Portal 2 is perfect for the job. Click here for more information; Teach with Portals.
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The Last of Us

The Last of Us is another post-apocalypse horror survival game but one with a difference, or so it is claimed by developers Naughty Dog. The game is inspired by The Road, The Walking Dead, I Am Legend and BBC’s Planet Earth. The violence is gritty, brutal and of the kill or be killed variety and...
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