Theatre of the Working Class – Twitch for All

Bilal Zafar is an extremely funny comedian who in his previous work, drew from storms on Twitter and the perils of online dating. I met him a few years ago on a transmedia project at the University of Bolton – Bolton Storyworld and he also worked alongside us on the Secret Story Network. In a...
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Football - A Transmedia Example 2

Football – A Transmedia Example – Post #2

Following on from my first post, ‘Football – A Transmedia Example – Post #1‘, this second one takes a closer look at the transmedia elements in football. Assuming we are still seeing the football industry as the storyworld, here are some more examples of story content generated from within that storyworld, and how they feed...
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football transmedia

Football – A Transmedia Example – Post #1

As I drag my team into the Premier League’s relegation zone on FIFA 12 for Xbox 360, it dawns on me that the football industry has embraced transmedia whether it knows it or not – and is a master of it. From the perspective of a transmedia writer Football’s use of transmedia is an interesting...
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