Ballard and Abba… at last

Do you like Abba? We all have a special place in our hearts for at least one Abba song. Even if once upon a time they were the devil’s music. I was listening to their greatest hits CD a few years ago and it occurred to me that their music reminded me of JG Ballard’s...
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I’m Locked in an NYC Apartment with 5000 DVDs to Watch and All the Food I can Eat

Sounds like heaven right? Think again. This is an acclaimed documentary called the Wolfpack. It’s the story of 6 brothers and 1 sister who are kept “prisoner” by their father and mother in a New York apartment while they are growing up. The film catches the kids, now aged between 11 and 18, as they...
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Did You See Snowpiercer’s “Elusive” Transmedia Campaign?

Or should I say non-existent Transmedia campaign? Have you seen the film Snowpiercer, by the Korean Director, Boon Joon-ho? It’s being a touted as a landmark multiplatform film release, due to the fact it has done such great business through Video On Demand; $5m VOD gross in 3 weeks against $3.9m in 5 weeks in...
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Transmedia Spiderman

Spiderman + Transmedia Approach = Website

I really like the use of simple stuff in a world gone tech crazy. The Daily Bugle Tumblr site is just sublime and tells a compelling story between two Spiderman films. (And of course the Gifs are great too…) Read the Daily Bugle here: http://thedailybugle.tumblr.com/
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If Alfred Hitchcock Were Alive Today He Would Be An Internet Marketeer

I am not a Hitchcock obsessive by any stretch. My filmmakers fan obsession is reserved purely for Stanley K. But I do love Hitchcock’s films. PSYCHOLOGY Hitchcock’s films to me are 100% psychological. He is known as the master of ‘pure cinema’ and that reputation comes from his simplicity, his knowledge of the medium and...
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Successful Candidates chosen in the TV and Film Digital Innovation Contest

No it’s not Bellyfeel – we didn’t enter! But wanted to share the results of this open innovation contest to find the most innovative ideas in the UK around TV and Film so you can check out the successful pitches – there are youtube video links for each submission – some interesting, some not so…...
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