Portal 2 for Teachers

This approach makes heaps of sense – using games in the classroom to engage kids with the subject. A great game like Portal 2 is perfect for the job. Click here for more information; Teach with Portals.
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Inside a Storyworld Bible

During our workshop session with Bolton University Arts & Media Department, we discussed the contents of a storyworld bible – what material it needs to make it work as the bedrock for the stories to be told.     Rules A successful storyworld bible acts as a kind of ‘rule book’ or ‘user manual’ for...
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Bolton Storyworld

We are working on an R&D storyworld project with Bolton University so last week we ran a workshop with Anna Zaluczkowska in the Arts and Media Department. Here are some of my ideas on the purpose of storyworld I put forward to the group; Creating a storyworld gives us a place where stories can exist...
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