david cage

David Cage’s “Beyond: Two Souls” 2000 pages of script

I’m a firm believer that David Cage is some kind of genius, so I can’t imagine Beyond: Two Souls is going to be anything less than amazing. The game is released in North America on October 8th 2013 but I can’t find a UK date yet. Here’s an article about the 10 hours of gameplay,...
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David Cage on Games Industry’s ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’

Wise words from ‘Heavy Rain’ creator, David Cage, about why the games industry needs to change in order to become a mass market medium. Click here for more.
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Why I Want to Buy a PS3

The games made by thatgamecompany are an intriguing bunch of very good reasons why I want to buy a PS3. These game-makers are looking at moving the videogame into a different realm, where thoughts and emotions count for something, and the gun means nothing.
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