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Running a TV or Film business today is not easy!

  • There Are More Channels and Platforms Every Day
  • There Is More Competition For The Same Greenlights
  • Budgets Are Falling
  • Traditional Business Models Are Failing
  • The Audience Is Distracted By New Technology

So what help do you need?

The Consultancy and Development that we offer is proven to be successful in expanding audience size and increasing profits for our previous and current clients.

We are experts in the new ways audiences engage with stories and technology in the 21st century.

  • Our Specialist Expertise is based on years of Award Winning Practical Experience
  • Our work is driven by R&D and we are part of a Global Network of Experts
  • Our advice and techniques are Instantly Actionable and delivered in Plain English
  • We have Many Years Experience Working in ‘Traditional’ Media
  • All Our Ideas Become Your IP

NB: We don’t confuse you with geek-speak – we save that for instructing the geeks!

We have worked for many companies, some you may have heard of:

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Do you want your future media business to include?

  • Sure Fire Social Media Campaigns that Engage Audiences for Film and TV
  • Exciting and Profitable New Device and Platform Opportunities
  • Implementation of New and Old Business Model Blending for Maximum Profit and Opportunity Potential

Then read our latest free report and find out 2 crucially important strategies you can implement today!



Do you want to know how you can take advantage of new technology developments instead of fearing the worst?

The skills that will allow you to take advantage of new technology developments instead of fearing the worst are available to you here at Bellyfeel. These skills will transform your media business and open up your projects to many more opportunities in distributing and monetising your content.

We teach you these skills through:

  • Training Courses
  • Workshops
  • E-Learning Courses

All our training formats deliver on 3 key aspects of modern media business.

These aspects are:

  • Current Temperature – Up to date intelligence, data and R&D results will reveal current opportunities in your sector and other converging industries
  • Mindset Switch – A way for you to take ownership of new opportunities – viewing new technology and future developments as part of your own business plan
  • Storyworld Development – Techniques for you to create profitable extra content and increase business on new devices and platforms around your existing IP and commissions


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