You Know How Nowadays Everyone’s Got Facebook on Their Phone and There’s Video on Screens Everywhere..?

Lots of people still communicate like the TV is in the living room, the phone is in the hall and films are on at the cinema.

Let me ask you…

How do you engage your audience, when they are so distracted and have so much choice?

Well… storytelling is a good start.

People will always stop and listen to a good story.

We are the only UK company with 15 years sole focus on original interactive storytelling for new devices and platforms. Our practical experience in this area is unbeatable.

We’ve won international awards for our work and maintain a full list of happy clients.

So, what is the best way to deliver that story?

It’s always best to keep it simple at the cutting edge. But the fact that production for these new devices and platforms is a new frontier means unchartered territories. There are massively increased risks of failure and it is easy for costs to spiral out of control – which can severely compromise the final output or worst still, your story.

At Bellyfeel we have spent 15 years creating high quality interactive work for new devices and platforms, solving the problems found in the development and production of these new kinds of stories. Working on many high profile productions we have been able to create a set of techniques and strategies to avoid common mistakes and improve efficiencies across these projects.


We help you to:

Connect with your audience

give them the best user experience possible

whilst making sure that your goals are met

— also we talk in plain English and avoid tech speak!



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