Lee Robinson – Writer & Researcher

Ok, so a quick bio… I’m a Sci-Fi nerd, comic book and video game geek and all round Transmedia Fanatic… Oh, and I also have a 1st degree in Media, Writing and Production…

And my name is Lee.

Lee Robinson - Bellyfeel (via Westeros)

To say that it has been busy at Bellyfeel recently is an understatement.

Brilliant and educational… But crazy busy none the less.

It’s interesting to think back over how I ended up here, taking on loads of work for Bellyfeel, both practical and R&D based (and acting as general sanity keeper for Krish).

The journey was a fascinating one – A lot happened in those two years!

Starting with graduating from University with a ‘world is my oyster’ attitude and quickly trying to find freelance work in the media industry, deciding to broaden my horizons and look for work in the capital and finally moving back to chase up some fantastic opportunities to work with my (now ex) tutors on developing a Transmedia project originally designed as part of my dissertation.

That’s a lot of miles to continue something that I started in my own back yard – literally while I sat on a bench in my garden… but it was crucial for two reasons:

1)     I learned what my interests were (media wise)

2)     And I learned what my strengths and weakness were (and how best to apply them to my career)

The project is called Bolton Storyworld and is a University produced Transmedia experiment with heavy involvement from Bellyfeel.

You see where this is going?

So after a few encounters with Krishna and Bellyfeel, a published article on Bolton Storyworld in the Journal of Media Practise and multiple talks at conferences across the country…

Here I am at the Bellyfeel office full time.

To make things better – the project won the 2016 Learning On Screen “Premier” Award for most outstanding project… and I got to collect it.

Good times!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s when a great story allows you to ‘step in’ and engage with it on an interactive level. When it moves beyond the barriers of a single platform and reaches the audience in a multitude of ways.

So get ready to hear me talk about this stuff a lot!