How to get your idea to the next stage – for funding or production…

Quick and Easy Digital Innovation Checklist

You have a great idea for a digital innovation.


  • How are you going to communicate your idea to your organisation, partners and audience?
  • How will you get the budget secured?
  • How do you know which technology and devices you should use?

We have a two-step process that we use to solve these problems every day. It will focus your idea around the most important points so you can get to the next stage.


1 – Write out your idea in one plain English paragraph. (Don’t make it complicated and avoid technical terms.) Give it a title! Then include the function (the what), audience (the who) and your reasons (the why).

2 – Research – get on Google and look for similar ideas and technology. Maybe someone has done this already? – you can learn from it. Maybe there is a service that does what you want to do? – it may be much cheaper than starting a custom development and build. Headline what you find into a short number of bullet points and links.


Put the info from those two steps into a one page pitch document and you have the essential information to help you get this project underway – and you may have discovered a cost effective way to do it already.

This document will enable you to communicate your idea, its value, your audience, competition and other similar technologies.


Do you want to make sure your pitch document is  the best is can possibly be?

Take advantage of our up to the minute R&D and award winning expertise – we will read your document for free, give you feedback on improvements you can make to help you reach your goals and get “buy in” from partners.

There is no cost involved and we will freely give you advice on the best possible options to get from your initial idea to finished product in the hands of the audience.

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