Why Everything You Think You Know About New Technology is Wrong

Have you noticed how new technology has disrupted the media industry? The Internet, Social and Mobile have all had a huge destructive impact. And there are bigger changes around the corner.


8 in 10 UK viewers – 78% now perform other activities while TV viewing. The most popular being checking emails, browsing shopping websites and social networking. British Telecom 2014

In the midst of this mass disruption, you need to know that the biggest change isn’t a format or platform or digital innovation – it’s the AUDIENCE. They have access to so much information, so much more choice and so many distractions. They have changed.

Do you still know how to connect with the audience?

They still love traditional media content; Films, TV, Games, Publishing and Music – but they are obsessed with new devices and are busy with new social connections. Now they have more POWER at their fingertips than ever before.

Do you know how they will connect with you?

24% of US social media users have posted on Facebook about the film they’re watching whilst watching it in the cinema.  Hollywood Reporter 2012

In the middle of this disruption is where Bellyfeel work, helping people like YOU tell compelling stories that reach vast audiences. By turning disruption into positive opportunities, we will help you transform your stories into modern media experiences that are far-reaching, social, scale-able and profitable.

88% of US social media users view social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as a new form of entertainment.  Hollywood Reporter 2012

We work almost exclusively with Broadcasters, Universities and Production Companies.

John M. DemersCreator, Executive Producer – Rusty Bucket Kids Show – Client for 2 years

Bellyfeel demonstrated in their report to our production more than one way to help. Bellyfeel helped us in two ways: Firstly in defining TheRustyBucketKids.com Storyworld creatively. And secondly Krish wrote a report that argued the Multiplatform and Transmedia production case we wanted to present to funders for TheRustyBucketKids.com. The report was integrated into our business plan and that plan has helped us raise 50% of the $.5m budget we need in the last 21 days.