Running a Successful Media Business Today is Not Easy

  • There Are More Channels and Platforms Every Day
  • There Is More Competition For The Same Money
  • Budgets Are Not Going Up
  • Traditional Business Models Are Being Challenged
  • Your Audience Is Distracted By New Technology

Are you taking all this in your stride?

We help companies and individuals, to future proof business by expanding audience and increasing profits across new devices and platforms.

We do this by leveraging your existing skills and assets in conjunction with info, intel and training – even if you hate new technology or don’t know what to do with it. Our team are experts in the new ways audiences engage with stories and technology in the 21st century.

And we have experience of helping media co’s move their business across the new devices and platforms.

This forms the basis of our consultancy offering.

  • Our specialist expertise is based on years of award winning practical experience
  • We are part of a global network of experts
  • Our advice and techniques are instantly actionable and delivered in plain English
  • We have many years experience working in ‘traditional’ media
  • All our advice becomes your IP

NB: We don’t confuse you with geek-speak – we save that for instructing the geeks!

Do you want your future business to include?

  • Exciting and Profitable New Opportunities in Storytelling and Media Business
  • Social Media Campaigns that Engage Mass Audiences Across Multiple Platforms
  • Existing Business Models Blended With New for Maximum Profit and Opportunity Potential
Roy BoulterProducer at Hurricane Films - client for 8 years

The Bellyfeel transmedia consultancy allowed us to get an additional 20% on top of the production budget for the future film “Of Time And The City” which was then used to create engaging Transmedia content that reached hundreds of thousands of people.