Fragmentation of story means that a story has been broken into pieces… How does this work? Fragmentation is when a story has been structured, designed and written as little pieces of story, or fragments, in order for it to be delivered across multiple platforms.   Fragmentation at Bellyfeel At Bellyfeel we refer to this as...
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Disruption Or Revolution?

Both terms refer to the impact new media technologies (broadband internet, games, Apple Inc., Facebook, mobile devices, IPTV etc) have had on the traditional media model of top down, controlled broadcasting. So are you on the side of Digital Disruption or Digital Revolution? [note color=”#ffffd6″]Traditional audiences are scattered across many platforms. Social viewing – watch...
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The Fifth Space

The Fifth Space is where live events take place in the physical world, away from the computer (all four screens). It is the cinema, the theatre, the stadium, the muddy field, the street. It is a place where people with a similiar interest congregate. Following on from my previous post, The Five Space Strategy, here...
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1983: Buzzcocks, Pete Shelley and the XL1 ZX Spectrum Program

Mid 80’s pop music and interactive programming crossover… year: 1983 – format: ZX Spectrum – product: XL1 album >> What does any of that mean? Watching some documentaries on UK TV recently about the punk explosion of the 1970’s has led me to rediscover my passion for the Buzzcocks, and in turn made me think...
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Why I Wrote ‘Paradise Lost’ (Again)

Being ahead of the game can be beneficial for business but it can also be problematic – you see a market no one else sees! Did I invent the E-Book? Could I have been Kindle?     1993 BI Back in 1993 I had a strong belief that everyone would soon be reading electronic books...
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The Grandfather of Mash-Up

American writer William S. Burroughs (1914-1997) is considered to be one of the early practitioners and founders of modern day mash-up or remix culture. What relevance does he have today?     Cut-Up Burroughs used the cut-up and fold-in techniques in his fiction, most notably in ‘The Soft Machine’ (1961), ‘The Ticket That Exploded’ (1962)...
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The Five Space Strategy

Recently at Bellyfeel we have been writing up several interactive content proposals for the BBC in accordance with their 4 Screen Strategy: Online, Tablet, Mobile Phone, TV/IPTV. We agree with their approach and understand where they are coming from, but we have also thought long and hard about the importance of a fifth area…  ...
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What is the Juice?

So continuing on from my Nick Kent, Brian Wilson and a plastic Les Paul post I want to ask what are the qualities that my favourite popular culture products have had authored into them down through the glory years of western consumerist culture; the qualities that make the best music, moving image and literature so...
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