The Audience Is Not What It Used To Be

“Story is about Respect, not Disdain, for the audience.” No one should ever get away with treating their audience with disdain or contempt. Above is a quote from story guru Robert McKee which is more important these days than ever because now the audience has real power to react – treat them badly and they...
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More Thoughts On Writing For Transmedia

This post continues my thoughts on transmedia writing and storytelling. Just as screenwriters of horror films write specific visual sequences and actions whose sole purpose is to make a cinema audience scream as one in a shared shock, so transmedia writers need to consider ways of triggering similar reactions in individual viewers watching their story...
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A Very Brief History Of Story And Technology

And this really will be brief as I concentrate mainly on the BIG moments created by the impact of new technologies on storytelling. Storytelling has evolved along with the new technologies mankind invents but the main thing to remember is that storytelling is an intrinsic part of the human condition – we need to tell...
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Character Development In Transmedia Storytelling

In this blog I will describe a few methods we at Bellyfeel use to expand a character’s life beyond the main events that happen to him during the course of the Main Linear Story, be it a film, novel, comic, TV drama etc. Expanding a main character’s life to before and beyond the main story...
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Thoughts On Writing For Transmedia

In a perfect world a transmedia writing team would be assembled at the concept stage of a transmedia storytelling project. It would consist of a wide variety of expertise and skills; UX (user experience) designer, interactive designer, game designer, social media strategist, and a writer with a solid grounding and understanding of traditional storytelling in...
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Games Companies, Writers & Storyworlds

In many ways the games industry is way ahead of traditional media makers like TV and film production companies when it comes to understanding how to use storyworld. Games companies and the writers they employ to create characters, cut-scenes, game story, dialogue and design documents realise that storyworld works with many game genres, and not...
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storyworld how a story grows

Storyworld – How a Story Grows

A couple of years ago we developed some very successful multiplatform content for a feature film, and created it using our own Storyworld Development Techniques. The concepts that we created allowed the producers of the film to get additional funding of 20% on top of the film budget to create the multiplatform content. This was...
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revolution will be televised

The Revolution Will Be Televised – as well as Online, Mobile, Tablet, Console and IPTV

At Bellyfeel we recently conducted a small, confidential survey with about 20 TV professionals and the feedback showed us that TV producers are worried about the unpredictable future of the media business. Saturation The market place is saturated with extra channels and networks. Audience attention is split between a mess of different platforms and devices,...
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