From the Beginning

Bellyfeel was set up by Krishna Stott in 2007 to connect new forms of interactive content between modern audiences, new networks and traditional media companies. In the first year we won 2 Webby Awards (Oscars of the internet) for our interactive multiplatform film, Crimeface and also won a competition at MIP TV Cannes to develop IPTV applications for the BBC.

“Crimeface – a glimpse of the future for onscreen fiction – a truly compelling experiment in storytelling” – Pocket Lint website of the day

Webby wreaths for Crimeface

Following on, Bellyfeel picked up a variety of clients and successfully produced innovative digital projects on a global and local scale. We continue to produce work at the cutting edge of media and also now translate our practical experience, expert knowledge and up to date intel into a series of publications, collaborations and consultancy.