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This report provides forward thinking media producers like you with the knowledge and skills to leapfrog larger companies.

Reading the report will equip you to pick the correct strategies to take stories profitably onto new devices and platforms so you can can expand audience and increase profits without paying crazy money to digital agencies or getting suckered by commissioners and distributors.

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Krishna Stott
My name is Krish – I’m a consultant who works with media companies who are generally speaking; innovators, disrupters, forward thinkers and rebels.

I have written (as part of my ongoing interrogation of the modern media industry) a report that reveals the three most critical changes in audience behaviour and gives you two instantly actionable strategies to take your business forwards.

This information allows agile media companies (like you! to take advantage of profitable new opportunities both now and in the future.

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In This Report You Will Learn

  • How The Modern Audience Has Changed
  • What Potential Revenue Media Producers Are Missing Out On
  • Where The Gap In The Market Is
  • How The Downside Of Modern Audience Behaviour Can Be Used To Your Advantage
  • What Two Essential Core Strategies You Can Put Into Action Today
  • How To Get A Free Consultancy Session For Your Film Or TV Show

Bellyfeel is an exciting company to work with; flexible in their approach they implemented innovative solutions to meet the target audience. Bellyfeel’s input has been significant in helping our consortium of partners from UK, Italy and Austria achieve its goals.

Sam Hope – Director – Institute of Media Arts at the University of Wolverhampton – Client for 2 years

Bellyfeel’s Transmedia consultancy allowed us to get an additional 20% on top of the production budget for the feature film “Of Time And The City” which was then used to create engaging Transmedia content that reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Roy Boulter – Producer – Hurricane Films – Client for 8 years

Find Out What The BIG Changes In The Audience Really Mean To You

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