Storytelling Never Gets Old, But It Does Change…

The internet, social and mobile changed the 20th century media business for good.

The business is now where storytelling and modern audiences meet – with the addition of new technology.

You might call the new ways to connect stories with audiences; Transmedia, Interactive, Social TV, Multiplatform, Convergence or any other buzzword that happens to be doing the rounds. But it’s still just stories and audiences – often in a Storyworld.

We work with Universities, Broadcasters, Production Companies and Individuals, to help them reach bigger audiences by pushing the boundaries of user experience and storytelling across all devices and media platforms.

For example:

Bolton StoryworldBolton Storyworld – Transmedia Thriller – Winner of Learning on Screen Premier Award 2016 – collaboration with the University of Bolton 2014-2016



job2aYouview IPTV App Development
BBC Innovation competition winner 2008



job3aSign Media
– parts 1 and 2 – E-Learning for desktop and mobile – nominated for a Medea Award 2012 – collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton 2011-2015



job4Edge Hill Uni Virtual Tour – iOS and Android app – interactive geo map app – for University of the year 2015 – Edge Hill



job5aTurbocharging TV with Social Media – Skillset funded (sold out) training course about Social TV – held at Media City in 2016



We’re Working in Exciting Times

There are new frontiers and incredible opportunities to be had but it’s also difficult to maintain your business in the midst of so much change:

  • Technology moves ultra-fast
  • Funding is based around old school media business models
  • There is a lack of consistent new media success stories to learn from

But if you’re an innovator, early adopter, forward thinker and a storyteller then you’re in the right place here at Bellyfeel.

As well as practically solving these problems for our clients, we also write, publish and share content that addresses the positive new aspects to the media industry and highlight successful examples of when things go right.

It’s an ongoing conversation and one we’re glad to be in.

Our blog is the most widely read resource about audiences, technology and storytelling on the internet.

We post regularly on the blog, via the Storyworld email list and on our social sites and platforms.

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Here’s a short video with some work examples:


We have a strong belief in the power of stories. As well as storytelling being our business, we believe in stories for good, for change and for enabling people who wouldn’t normally get a chance.

Long term we are aiming to launch a scheme that will help kids to explore and polish their storytelling skills as a way to help them make sense of the world and earn their way in it.


PS – Why are we called Bellyfeel?

Because as Stanley Kubrick once said,

The truth of a thing is the feel of it, not the think of it.”

As always, he was right!