Storytelling Never Gets Old, But It Does Change…

Storytelling: Forever Changes

Storytelling: Forever Changes

That’s what makes it such a fascinating area to work in.

The last few years have brought many changes to the business of telling stories. The internet, social and mobile have changed the 20th century media game for good.

It’s now all about where storytelling and modern audiences meet – often with the addition of new technology…

You might call the new ways to connect stories with audiences; Transmedia, Interactive, Social TV, Multiplatform, Convergence or any other buzzword that happens to be doing the rounds. But it’s still just stories and audiences – often in a Storyworld.

We’re working in exciting times. There are new frontiers and incredible opportunities but it’s difficult to maintain your business and career as a storyteller with so much change in technology and media platforms:

  • Technology is moving very fast
  • Funding is based around old school media business models
  • There is a lack of consistently successful new media projects to learn from

But if you’re an innovator, early adopter, forward thinker and a storyteller then you’re on the right site here at Bellyfeel.

We write, publish and share content that deals with the problems of modern media business and highlight successful examples of when things go right.

We post regularly on the blog, via the Storyworld Web list and on other associated sites and platforms.

On our other Bellyfeel websites we focus on Transmedia Consultancy and Interactive Production.

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PS – Why are we called Bellyfeel?

Because (as Stanley Kubrick once said),

“The truth of a thing is the feel of it, not the think of it.”

And he was right!