FMV Game Creation in the 21st Century

FMV = Full Motion Video Game. Popular in the 90’s with titles such as Night Trap, Mad Dog McCree and Tender Loving Care.

Recently the genre was boosted by successes like Her Story, The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker and Press X to Not Die.

And conversely the recent rise in interactive movies like Bandersnatch, Erica and Late Shift – these are essentially FMV games without the gamey elements.

But anyway…

You’re on this post to meet Sven and Zvonimir from Studio Spektar and Porcupine Parkour in Zagreb, Croatia. Say hello

In just over a week on the 23rd June 2020 they will be releasing their latest labour of laughs:


I’ve been following this game closely not least because I work on occasion with Zvonimir in the Secret Story Network. (And full disclosure: I also paid towards this game on their crowdfunding campaign.)

So I’m very much looking forward to the release.

It looks like it will be “mad as a box of frogs” but I know for a fact it will be worth exploring. The talented pair saw some success with their previous game “Viktor – a Steampunk Adventure”, which is well worth playing too.

Right now before you watch this interview you should head over to Steam and wishlist the game (even if you have no intention of buying or playing it)… go on please now…

Ok – did you wishlist it? Support your local storygame pioneers… GO ON!

Ok now you can watch the interview:


And the trailer is here:

Mad eh?


Wishlist and buy General Horse and the Package of Doom from here – game released on 23rd June 2020…

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