If You’re Not Too Busy To Read This 2020 UPDATE Then (For Once) I’m Not Too Busy To Write It…

Unless you’re been in direct contact with us here at Bellyfeel you may have assumed we dropped off the map.

We have been quiet online in the last couple of years.

Actually we are thriving these days, just been too busy to blog and shout about it.

So here’s a quick update on all things Bellyfeel.


The Core

We moved our base of operations to Halifax Yorkshire in 2019.

We’re still building bridges between old and new media.

We’re focused on media innovations – in entertainment, education and business.

And we’re still obsessed with interactive storytelling – in all its rainbow flavours.


The Jobs

We have some jobs on with University partners:

Signed Safety at Work

Sign Media Enterprise

My Media My Life

3d Print Project

And other ongoing things with our existing clients.


The Projects

We recently received funding from XR Stories for the Secret Story Network (SSN) project.

We are continuing to develop interactive stories – both as part of SSN and also as games via our sister company – Heroes Villains Gamers.

We’re also we’re developing an interactive maths learning adventure for kids.



And WOW!

Bellyfeel is 12 years old this year.

We’re twenty years into the 21st century.

The future’s bright…

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I run Bellyfeel which gives me the opportunity to develop innovations in media, education and entertainment, plus exploring the future of storytelling. More here...

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