Bolton Storyworld: Codename Winterhill wins Learning on Screen Award

It was a shock…

On Thursday last week Lee was in London attending the Learning on Screen awards ceremony. We were finalists for the Educational Multimedia award.

I hadn’t been able to go, as my daughter was doing a music  performance that night. As it transpired she was ill, so I was at home looking after her.

I wasn’t expecting to win. Our work at Bellyfeel can be perceived as being ahead of the curve, avant garde and not for traditional media peeps.

Lee texted at 7.15pm, “Didn’t win”.

C’est la Vie.

Better luck next time…

I was a bit put out, but at least I hadn’t travelled to London to hear the news. So I went back to nursing my daughter and catching up on emails…

Then at 8.09pm I got another text, “We won the Premier Award”

I didn’t know what was going on…


Awards Night SMS Stream

It was amazing news!

But Lee missed his train home.

We’re very pleased to have won this award and it’s excellent for the 100+ students who can now put this award on their CV’s when they’re going out into the industry looking for work!

Premier Award-Winner

Full list of winners here:




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