The Future of Film and The Mad Max Game

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s start this week’s BRU with something exciting! What do you get if you mix the Internet of Things with Sherlock Holmes?

Although, it’s not all fun and games – check out the dark side of the Internet of Things and why we should proceed with caution.

Carrying on from the previous BRU here is part 2 and part 3 of the Future of Film from ReDef – this is a good read.

A familiar story (just with a lot more data) check out the current state of the music biz.

Get ready for this week’s first set of facticals – it turns out UK TV viewing time is falling.

I have got to see this film – check out why Henry, a Virtual Reality film is one of the most important films of the year – WIRED is on the case.Henry

Of course, where there’s one game-changing project – there’s always someone else on their heels – check out this insane VR GoPro footage!

Have you heard of Twitter Live? No? Because it doesn’t exist. But if it did – this is how it would look.

Facticals set #2 incoming – check out where our attention is going when consuming media – and how to take advantage of it.

Not quite a Factical – but still a pretty impressive milestone – Periscope has hit 10 million potential Game of Thrones pirates!

Which brings me nicely onto Game of Thrones and misogyny.

This isn’t exactly light reading – but it is a great account of how video games became a 100 billion dollar industry – let the eGames begin.

This is crazy – has Netflix accidentally created a whole new art form?

And finally – if you’re looking for the next game you’re gonna play – this is one in particular we’re looking forward too – It’s Mad Max.


“Television has brought back murder into the home – where it belongs” – Alfred Hitchcock


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