The Evolution of Profanities and The Best Video Game Cross-overs

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s start this week’s BRU with the evolution of *&$*ing profanities FFS!

This is an ever-interesting question – will TV On Demand render traditional TV seasons obsolete?

This is a great article from WIRED – read how two Hollywood brothers came to rule Netflix.

This sounds great (and bang on the money) check out Google Spotlight Stories and their latest Smartphone film project “On Ice”.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you spend two days “liking” everything on Facebook (and I mean everything) – the answer is bonkers!

This is quite a helpful post! Check out how filmmakers can best use Twitter.

Factical time! Did you know that 15% of Americans aren’t on the Internet?

True DectiveThis is a fairly long read – but well worth it! Check out this article about Nic Pizzolatto – the mastermind behind True Detective.

This is a detailed account of the politics behind the current music industry and that ever un-answered question “How do new artists make money these days”?

And that wasn’t enough – have a look at how Spotify intends to take on Apple music!

But what about the music labels – what are they all up to? Making a comeback!

Factical set #2 and unsurprisingly handheld screens lead to increased online viewing.

Want to punish your kids? Take away the iPad and make them watch telly!

Part one of a pretty well written article outlining the future of film – worth a read.

This list is a little crazy but fun – the ultimate (and best) video game cross overs.


“That’s one off the bucket list. A Mexican standoff with actual Mexicans.” – Frank (True Detective season 2)


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