Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s start this week with some ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ news – This is going to ace!

The storm may be over – but the Sharknado effect on social media certainly still rages on (some good Social TV data here too)

This is brilliant! Read this very serious interview between VICE and the writer of the Sharknado saga.

This comes as no surprise… Can you guess how often the average American checks their smartphone?

Do you remember the cassette? Did you know it’s still making noise even in our digital world?

This is all true… How smartphones could have changed the plots of famous books – my favourite is easily Moby Dick.

Looks like Irish Millennials have found their favourite social network – Snapchat!

1418335905_jake-gyllenhaal-southpaw-zoomIn our second interview this week, Kurt Sutter (of The Shield and Sons of Anarchy fame) talks about his upcoming feature ‘Southpaw’.

Do we rely on data too much? Malcolm Gladwell seems to think so. This is an interesting read!

This week’s list… is a compiled list of oral histories! Have fun!

More facticals incoming! Check out the future of the Netflix powerhouse!

This warms my heart! 1000 musicians, simultaneously performing one of the best Foo Fighters tracks – Learn to Fly

Good news for anyone running a TV campaign – Facebook ads will extend your campaign reach.

Finally, take a look at the evolution of one of the most important aspects of gaming… the controller.


“Some people say video games rot your brain, but I think they work different muscles that maybe you don’t normally use” – Ezra Koenig


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