Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupAlways good to start on some Game of Thrones news. It seems they broke their own record… But is it a good record to break?

And in similar news, here are the top pirated TV shows of May 2015.

I remember writing a paper about this in college… and still don’t have an answer. Do video games inspire violent behaviour?

While on the subject of video games – are multiplayer games failing gamers? I have to admit I’m a little disappointed about Star Wars Battlefront.

And finally, this week’s list is 21 video game changers that rocked the industry.

her storyHave you heard of ‘Her Story?’ if not check this out! It looks great!

This is interesting – check out Sandra Gaudenzi’s theory on the three levels of the interactive storytelling spectrum.

Can’t argue with this… Binge watching is getting more and more popular – but is it making people feel lonely. Facticals incoming.

Speaking of the binge-viewing model… are there shows that are exempt from the ‘cord cutting’ phenomena?

This is a cool interview… with a shocking reveal. NeYo reveals the truth about music streaming and artist payments.

Who would have thought that musicians and social games had something in common? Check out what musicians can learn from Candy Crush.

Finally this is random – but cool. Did you know the psychology behind skyscrapers? You will.


“Negativity is the enemy of creativity” – David Lynch



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