Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThis is brilliant (and scarily accurate). Check out the top 10 times that The Simpsons predicted the future.

It turns out mobile games may be able to backwards engineer Hollywood. Check out how Andrew Stalbow aims to use mobile to target specific audiences.

This is one of our favourite Social TV case studies, watch this interview with the show runners of ‘Empire’ and see the role social media played in its success.

Ready for some social television facticals? Check out the STV engagement rates by show type (chart). No surprises who takes top score…

From Social TV experiments to TV’s Social experiments… Married At First Sight has caused a stir, but might make some great telly.

Speaking of causing a stir – the over 75 TV licence may have damning repercussions on the cost of viewing BBC iPlayer.

We love some oral history here, and this a good one! The oral history of the classic game, Deus Ex.

Attention all Whoivans! Have you seen the 2015 comic-con trailer yet?Dr Who

And for all the Seinfeld fans – a list of all 169 episodes, conveniently listed from worst to best.

Always a good read – why screenwriters need transmedia.

This isn’t quite an oral history – but it is a good account of how the mp3 format brought the music industry to its knees.

And what about album covers… has anyone ever stopped to think how digital tech has affected those?

It’s nice to hear that cinema isn’t dead! Finally, someone else who sees the benefit that technology can have on storytelling.

Have you ever wondered how long it actually takes to think a thought?

Star WarsIn case you haven’t seen it yet – here’s the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic-Con 2015 reel… it looks AMAZING.

Now for some drone racing action, and this guy is the best in the world.

Did someone say Game of Super Mario World? It’s a Game of Thrones parody!

Finally, this is a great article from, about perfectionism and writing… Anne Lamott tells a very compelling story.


“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life.” – Anne Lamott


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