PIXAR’s Theory of Labour and The AI That Plays Games

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s start with a BIG question.

Has corporate marketing killed the honest fandom of Comic-Con?

Then an interesting theory – can teens be more tempted by social media than alcohol?

In the on-going battle between YouTube and Facebook (Lee is siding with YouTube) – have you ever wondered why YouTube stars avoid Facebook?

This sounds pretty cool – Channel 4 has adapted a Twitter feed into a show!

The search continues for the ultimate streaming service… This is a pretty decent breakdown of what’s out there.

This is always an interesting discussion – How do musicians actually make money?

You have got to love PIXAR (and it’s themes) – check out the PIXAR theory of labour!PIXAR

Ok, this is both terrifying and cool… Video games have NEVER been linked to aggression right?

Speaking of AI – this article looks back on a truly under appreciated Kubrick classic!

This week’s list is an interactive special – here are ten (plus 1) interactive videos that you must check out!

And for those who love interactive fairy tales, check out The Hollow, an interactive game that ‘enchants you into doing bad things’.

In Transmedia news – Nuno Bernardo gives a quick introduction to his latest project and explains a great way to develop your story and ideas in front of the audience –  an MVP approach no less.

And if that wasn’t enough – here’s another interview – with none other then Tribeca’s own Ingrid Kopp about her work on Transmedia in South Africa.

In video game news – China has finally lifted the ban on ‘foreign’ video games.

fallout-4Are you one of those people who spends hours in character creation – then do you struggle to name your character? Well Fallout 4 has you covered.

MTV is on the ropes again as more and more teens are losing interest. Can MTV pull it out of the bag one more time? (Should they even try?)

Be afraid … Do you know how smart connected toys are?


What’s scummy about the music industry is that everybody loves you when you’re dead” – Nikki Sixx

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