More Virtual Reality and Does Ant-Man Run Incorrectly?

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupWe’re kicking off this week’s BRU with something VERY cool – now I’m starting to get excited about Virtual Reality.

This is a great read – check out how board games and video games aren’t necessarily fighting each other, but influencing each other.

It seems there is new kid on the block when it comes to photo-based storytelling and (un-shockingly enough) it involves a smartphone.

Get ready for factical set #1 – and it seems like Europe will be a major player in driving Netflix subscriptions across the globe.

While on the subject of streaming – Comcast have jumped head first into the game with their own US streaming service “Stream”… but not all is as it appears.

Can’t argue with this… Ever wondered what the secret to a successful TV show is? (Hint – it involves the first season).humans-tv-show

In a loosely connected theme – how the real future of robotics looks … pretty fun stuff.

It seems like the BBC has finally reached a solution with the TV licence crisis – but it may not be as long term as they originally hoped.

Factical Set #2 incoming – No surprises here, kids prefer tablets to TV – some good numbers to be found here.

This is interesting news, Yahoo are developing their own Social TV sharing platform.

The battle is on – It’s YouTube vs. Facebook – who wins? Well, the users do…

Oh and advertisers (they always win) so check out why TV shows are ‘sampling’ their shows on Facebook.

Another great origin story – check out how email became the most reviled communication experience ever.

Ant-Man-2015-Poster-3I have no idea what any of this means… thankfully WIRED do. It seems that Ant-Man runs too “normally“.

It’s a god-damn pandemic… (and here’s why). It’s the psychology of selfies.

Gotta love it when things get meta. This is a good interview with the guy who wrote about the guy who killed the music industry (and how he did it).

Finally let’s end this week on a good list. The things that make us Humans truly unique.


“You don’t have to be great to be successful. Look at Phil Collins” – Noel Gallagher 


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