Transmedia with the Intergalactic Nemesis and lots of Marvel Stuff

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupCheck out this interesting Social TV Podcast on iTunes and listen to some of the pioneers of modern STV.

One day, Nielsen will step forward and give a definitive confirmation about the importance of Social Television on TV ratings… But until that day, here are some loose results from another survey.

And of course of Lost Remote is on the case with some great factical take-aways.

And terms of social TV discovery – its no surprise that Millennials are all over that!

No surprises here, one of the current serious contenders (particularly for news) is Snapchat.

But Snapchat isn’t alone in changing the way high-end television may be viewed in the future – there’s a serious amount of potential here!

And of course then there’s Vine… although this seems to play a much different role in our lives then just replaying funny TV moments.

This is a fantastic article! Check out the seven deadly sins – where Hollywood is wrong about the future of TV. Some great factical data here too!

Transmedia – you know we’re quite big on it here! And this is certainly a project worth sharing; check out The Intergalactic Nemesis!Nemesis_0

This is brilliant! Turns out RPGs and Cyberpunk Games were a pretty big cause of concern for the FBI in the 80’s.

This guy is kinda awesome – check out the man behind some of the most famous sounds in Hollywood – Randy Thom.

This looks like a wicked project. From the team behind Representation, check out their latest trailer for The Mask You Live In.

Marvel fans beware this will either leave you will in stitches or in despair (or both) – it’s the 70’s Daredevil/ Black Widow crossover you never saw.

daredevil-131112This however, is the Daredevil you did see… and the one you will see again!

There’s a lot of debate around recent Marvel movies and their effect on cinema… But this one is probably one of the most negative. Still a good read.

And just to drive home the case – check out the deals they signed with TV broadcasters.

Remember Google Glass? Ever wonder why it failed so miserably?

Cronenberg’ s eXistenZ – one of those films that has always been on the ‘must watch list’ – here’s one hell of a reason to watch!

This kinda breaks your heart a little – life in a video store in an age of Netflix.


“The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing a kid can say about a game is it’s too easy” – Henry Jenkins





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